Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Work: The Internet Is Dangerous

(Don't follow any of these links. You have been warned)

We all know the web can be a dangerous place. Sure, most of the time, with a bit of common sense and a bit of care it's pretty harmless. You know emails from certain friends shouldn't be opened when there are other people around ('cause they may contain stuff like this), and you can generally tell when a link isn't a good thing to follow (like http://www.hotmale.com).

But occasionally even the most careful make a mistake. Maybe it's a site that at first looks perfectly reasonable, but after a few moments you realise the police might be knocking on your door. Maybe it's an image search that turned up more than you were expecting (see my Walmart post). Or maybe it's a reference you decided to track down so you could work out what people were talking about (tubgirl or goatse for example).

The last one is what I just did. I'm at work at the moment, reading through AppleGeeks as I want for code to compile. My computer is currently setup in such a way that my screens are visible from the other side of the room to anyone who happens to look. I came across a reference to "Mac Hall". So I googled for "Mac Hall". The first link was to http://machall.a08.org/, so I followed it (stop and think about what this post is about. Do you really want to go to this site?).

Turns out I'd actually Googled for "kmac hall". The real Mac Hall Comics can be found here. D'oh.

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