Monday, February 28, 2005


I Like Stories...

So the other day I started thinking. I've been enjoying various web comics on and off for years - I recently got back into Sluggy (and was able to read through a year-long storyline in one go - much to the annoyance of Richard), I'm catching up on Megatokyo and I keep meaning to check out Errant Story, Clan of the Cats and Everything Jake again (especially since Strings of Fate seems to have been abandoned altogether - I can't even find the website any more). I'm a sucker for a good story, but I always find the worst bit of a really good book is the end - you don't get to "be with" the cool, interesting characters anymore. So something episodic is great - you get a small but drawnout fix.

So I started thinking about some other episodic stories. There isn't a great deal on the TV at the moment - I'm loving Lost, and Desperate Housewives keeps threatening to turn good, but otherwise there isn't really anything. So then I thought about online serials. I had a bit of a look for some several years ago, and didn't have much luck. The trick with online stories is that they have to be in really small bites, and most of the fiction I could find online was fairly chunky.

But I started to think about stories told through blogs. It seemed perfect, so I took a look to see what I could find.

The first thing I found I kind of already knew about. Hitherby Dragons is by Rebecca Borgstrom, a really talented (if really strange) writer. Her stuff tends to be pretty mind bending - it always reminds me of bright, colourful, sereal artwork. Hitherby Dragons is no different. There's apparently a story in amongst all of the posts, but I haven't gone back far enough yet to really find it.

The second site I found was called "...She's a Flight Risk". It's meant to be the blog posts of a woman who's on the run from *something*. Again, I haven't read far enough back yet to get much of a sense of the overall story, but it's pretty cool. Plus, she seems to have an audio stream of the music she's currently listening to.

I managed to find a blogspot site that linked to dozens of other "story blogs", but unfortunately I can't find it again. And blogspot doesn't seem to have a search function. So until Google throws something at me, that's all the stories I've got.

But I did stumble on the blogs of two authors I quite like - William Gibson and Neil Gaiman. Gibson is pretty much the father of Cyberpunk. Although somewhat dated, Neuromancer is one of my favourite sci-fi books. Gaiman is pretty awesome as well - he co-wrote Good Omens with Terry Pratchet, and American Gods is based around a really cool idea.

If anyone knows of any great story-blogs, the blogs of any cool authors or even just some great webcomics, please let me know!

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