Monday, February 14, 2005


News Paper Clippings

Tower Software Morns Loss of Developer

Australian software company TOWER Software is today morning the loss of one of their developers. Michael “Mikal” Still had been with the company for four years, and was in Seattle on a person trip. According the a Tower spokesperson, they are still unclear about what happened to Still.

“We had a message from him on Friday asking for luck, and that was the last we heard from Stillbert!"

Staff at Tower have been offered grief councelling

Open Source Community Warned About “Pied Penguin”

Rumours are circulating the Open Source communities – in particular forums related to the Linux operating system – warning developers to beware of a giant penguin. The penguin – a long time mascot of the Linux operating system – is a symbol of free and open software development to many. Recent sightings of a giant penguin around the Seattle area have sent warning bells ringing. The “Pied Penguin” as the creature has been dubbed is rumoured to be a omen of death, much like the black dogs of English and Welsh mythology.

Microsoft Announces Successful Test Run

“We’re very pleased with the results” a Microsoft spokesman said at the press conference the company called late yesterday afternoon. Microsoft’s latest project – titled Closed the Door – apparently had its first successful test run on Thursday. After analysing the results and reviewing the process, Microsoft report that they are confident that the project is ahead of schedule

“We experienced far fewer problems than we were anticipating. Of course, there are still a few bugs to work out of the process, and there have been a few information leaks, but overall everything when fantastically well.” The spokesman reported.

While Microsoft seems elated, the press conference has left many confused. Despite the claims of information leaks, nobody is sure what exactly project Close the Door is about. The current speculation is that it has something to do with Longhorn.

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