Thursday, February 10, 2005


Not Comfortable Yet!

It's been a fairly exciting week, professionally speaking. Having decided I wanted to get into Linux and the whole Open Source thing, I managed to convince Rory to send me to And then today I found out I'm to become the Java umpa lumpa for Tower. Which is cool (learning new stuff is always a good thing!), but there's still a bit of an "ahhhhh!" factor involved. Keep in mind that I haven't even been with the company for 6 months yet. The most "real coding" I'd done in the the two years before that was some SQL (I did some pretty nifty things with it though).

So Java will make the third language I've started to learn in six months (well, I did a bit of it at uni, and I've got a copy of Complete Java 2 sitting on my bookshelf). I'm really happy about it - I wanted to be a programmer, and Tower's giving me the chance - but at the same time I'm aware of how far I am from the other developers. So I guess I'm a bit worried that maybe I'm going to run out of fingers to stick in all these interesting pies, but not actually end up being good (or more importantly, useful) at anything.

But when you stop and think about it, I've got 10 fingers. So I can probably deal with a few more pies yet.

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