Thursday, March 10, 2005


Blogging About Me

Okay, so I'm feeling kind of left out of the whole blog conversation that seems to be happening around me at Tower at the moment.

The basic jist (for the one random person who stubled in here to read this who isn't actually someone I work with) is what sort of stuff would a future employer uncover about you by Googling, and how much you actually talk about on your blog.

I know exactly what you get when you Google for me. It's something I try every couple of years or so when the idea pops into my head - the most recent being a couple of weeks ago when I was discussing something similar with Stilly. It's handy that my last name is slightly unusual. The first is about how I scored with some Arsenal ladies, then there's some about how I actually wrote some books, and then you start getting to the real me. It's actually an interesting slice of my Internet history - some random comments to a review, some comments about me recording some music, the crappy home page for one of my uni group assignments and some mailing list archives. Last time I tried it, the first link was to a family tree, where I discovered that I was actually an 18 centurary French man.

I have found myself being some what cautious about what I post about. For example, I've got a couple of amusing posts about some bucks nights I've been to over the last few months bouncing around in my head (one would be titled "Unco-est Stripper Evar!"), but I haven't decided if I think I should actually write them.

I haven't quite worked out the reason for my caution, but I suspect it's pretty simple. My friends already know I'm a fool, but I'd like people from work to be in the dark about it for as long as possible :-)

Too late for that Simon. We saw you sink three oyster shooters.
Well, I'm happy for you to think that that was as bad as I get...
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