Thursday, March 17, 2005


Flash Games

I love the fact that people spend time making crazy-fun flash games. I also love the fact that so many don't seem to be in English, but it doesn't stop you from playing the game. - you've got to walk home from the pub after a big night. Keep the guy steady by moving the mouse left and right. Apparently the record is 82 metres, but I find that doubtful - in the short time I spent playing it, I could consistantly get to around 70 metres, with my best being 76. - it's meant to be a parrody of the crazy dating games that only exist in Japan. You have to smash a bike into some random guy, and the further he bounces the more points you get.

76 is piss easy (pardon the pun). Get 77 and 78 regularly, and 82 once so far. Can I have another drink now?
New record, 136 metres. Here is proof.
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