Wednesday, March 23, 2005


How I Know I've Been Reading To Much Horror

I had a moment last night where I thought "wow, maybe my mind is spending a little to long in fanasty land". I caught the second half of Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (it really would have sounded better the other way around), which is a dramatisation of the JonBenet Ramsey case.

I knew most of the details of the case - I guess pretty much everyone knows the basics, but I did a bit of reading on the case a few years ago. The most interesting theory I found was that she was killed by her brother. There was one fact I noticed however that I hadn't remembered. Patsy Ramsey had cancer a couple of years before the murder. Things looked pretty grim for her, but as sometimes happens, she recovered.

Now this is where I had my "I think I need to read something else" moment. What if, facing death, Patsy had decided to make a deal with the devil. She was healed. Then, either as part of the deal or because Patsy failed to fullfill her end of the deal, a demon came for JonBenet. The parents desperatly tried to cover it up by making it look like a botched kidnapping. Unfortunately they had been caught by surprise, so their efforts were less than perfect.

After I had this thought, I quickly filed it away under "Random Ideas for a Good Story" and made a mental note to stop reading Clive Barker and Stephen King for a few months...

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