Thursday, March 10, 2005


Stupid RSS Feed

So both Gordon and Ian told me a while ago that the RSS feed from my blog sometimes breaks. I discovered that if I only fed the short version of each blog post (the first paragraph or the first 250 characters I think), it seemed to be okay. So I changed it, and all was good for a while.

Then they told me it had broken again. So I messed around for a bit, republished the blog a few times, a magically it was better. I sent off an email to the blog-spot help people, but never heard back.

Well, it looks like the RSS feed has hat itself again, to quote Ian. I added my own blog to SharpReader in the hopes that maybe I'd know when it died, but I seem to be getting the feed fine. So in part this post is to test that theory, in part it's an excuse to republish my blog, and in part it's a rant about BlogSpot's crappy RSS feeds and lack of support. I'm going to try setting things back to publishing the full post in the feed, if for no other reason then to stop Stilly complaining.

I'm going to fire off another email, but if things don't improve, I might just change Blog providers...

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