Thursday, April 14, 2005


Linux Battles

Okay, so this post isn't nearly as exciting as I'd hoped it would be. I was suppost to be writing this from the comfort of one of my downstairs couches. If I had been writing this where I was meant to be, it would mean that I finally had my Linux laptop talking to my wireless network.

But instead, I'm typing this at work before I go and get my breakfast.

I've mentioned in my last few posts about how I've been battling Linux (with Stilly's help). I've been hoping to get wireless access happening ready for next week. I've got a wireless network at home, and there's one at work, so it would be really good to get set up.

Except it doesn't love me.

Turns out Belkin, who made my wireless PCI card, are kind of tricky to get working. I've found lots of advice on the web, some of it actually useful. After a couple of weeks of trying, I've got my laptop knowing that there is a Belkin card in the slot, the Belkin drivers setup, the network config knowing that there's a wireless option, and I can even poll for access to a wireless network.

But it still isn't working. The little light in the card has never come on.

And, to make things even more special, the keyboard has started to play up. Maybe I should just ask for a different laptop...

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