Friday, April 15, 2005


The Naming Game

So last night Lindsay was lamenting about what to call Project Tremble when it hits the real world. I suggested "Shakes", but I had to leave very quickly, 'cause I though both Lindsay and Gordon were going to throw something at me.

Lindsay wants to name Tremble "Context Collaboration", basically because it tells people everything they need to know about the product in its name, and it saves her (and the company) time and money. Gordon wants to call it "Silk", since Tremble is light and thin, and it's a cool sounding name for a software product.

They both have good points. So what's my bright idea?

"Silk: Context Collaboration" - it tells people everything they need to know, but once they get used to the idea, they can just call it "Silk" and sound cool.

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