Friday, April 15, 2005


New Car

We'd been thinking about getting a new car (and becoming a one car family - trust me, it does actually make sense) most of this year, we kind of decided that we'd wait a bit longer. So Fate decided he had to poke us with a really big stick a few times until we got the message that now was the right time.

So last night we went out picked up our new (second hand) Astra. I'd post a picture, but I'm too lazy to host an image somewhere. It's blue and all shinny.

It's all very exciting.

Hey - if it's shinny, does that mean that it has lots of shins?

AHAHAHAHA I'm so funny

Spelling police gord :)
Sorry a little of topic; Here's a question I'd like to pose to you:

I am interested in buying a used ford; Van (Astro, Windstar, something like that) to use for my weekly fishing trips with my son. using the regular Family car has all but destoyed it. I am finding some good deals in the price range I'm looking in, but I am a little concerned about the amount of mileage that some of these vehicles have.

I know that there are MANY factors involved here, but I'm wondering if someone can offer some advice on how Much Mileage is TOO much to consider. Are these types of vehicles built with 150,000 + miles in mind? Any advice, or any point of conversation that would lead me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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