Wednesday, April 06, 2005


New Music

I've always thought that the coolest music is the stuff you discover in the most random of ways. The CD you pickup because you were getting a couple of other albums and the cover looked interesting. The band you went to see because an old friend was in town having a get together at a bar they just happened to be playing at. The song that comes on a radio station you never listen to while in someone else's car.

Or is playing on someone's stereo when you go to visit...

A friend introduced me to (as in gave me a listen to, not helped me meet) Tegan & Sara a couple of weeks ago. I commented at the time that it was almost J-Pop sounding, but with a nice grunge edge. But in a good way. It's a bitteenager-ish, but sometimes that's just the music you want to listen to.

I'm not sure if it's just because their Canadian, but more than a few of the songs brings back memories of Degrassi Jr High. Again, in a good way. The other cool thing is that they're older then me by two or three days (what with dateline wackiness). I've been giving the 2 dozen or so tracks I'm "borrowing" a good thrashing on iTunes at the moment.

Just to prove Lindsay's theory of pirating music (that it actually makes it more likely that CDs will sell), I'm planning on tracking down This Business of Art next time I go CD shopping. Best random music so far this year.

I agree, they are random and they are great.
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