Friday, May 13, 2005


How Many "Guidelines" Can I Break Today?

[Edit: Removed quotes from the Employee Guidelines that were used in a very humourous way]

Last year I discovered that cold and flu tablets are actually really good. I've always had a mindset of not taking medication unless I really need it (as in going to die otherwise), so I never bothered with anything for "just a cold". But I found that it actually does make your life a lot more pleasant.

I take the tablets because they relieve the symptoms, but the interesting thing I've discovered is that pseudoephedrine seems to have a fairly random effect on me. Sometimes is gives me fairly massive headaches for about 20mins. Sometimes it makes me really grumpy, other times it makes me really bubbly. Sometimes it makes me really sleepy, other times it makes me really awake. And sometimes it does nothing.

Yesterday, other than reducing the snot-related symptoms, the tablets didn't do much. Not even combined with the beer I drank about 15mins after my afternoon dosage. And the "Night" tablets where only a little better. Today has been a totally different story. Despite actually being worse off then yesterday, even Stilly noticed through his drunken haze that I seemed much livelier.

Anyway. Just random observations.

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