Thursday, May 26, 2005


I Have Google-Fu!

So it turns out that Stilly isn't the total master of Google-Fu after all. My blog - specifically this post - is currently the number one hit in Google. The number one hit for what you ask? mac version settlers of catan. I'm also (a bit less surprisingly) number one for Exceptionally Uncaught.

I'm currently number 3 or 4 (depending on how you count) for Where does silk come from. It's by far the most common way people have found my site - there were three or four people just today.

For some reason someone when to the very bottom of the "Hitherby Dragons" Google page to see what I wrote about the site.

If you Googled for sarah blasko lyrics "all coming back", you might be surprised to discover that my site is actually rated higher than

I'm the last hit on the first page for stupid RSS feeds. I kind of wish I was higher, but I'm probably compeating with some pretty big guns.

My posts have generated my a few hits - including ones about Mark Shuttleworth's keynote, De Bortoli Wines and Linux Games. Someone, running Linux and coming from a domain ending in, discovered that my site was the number one hit for chad tindel linux australia. Hi Chad. I feel a bit bad that I'm the fourth hit for brothers karamazov if you're using the Google Linux page. Maybe I should finish the book and actually post something useful about it.

The strangest search results include that I'm currently number two for how explosions work. What's really strange is the fact that it links to the post about Stilly getting blown up by Microsoft. I'm also number two for umpa lumpa song download listen. You'll have to google yourself to find out what that's linked to.

I did discover that Ian thinks I'm a shit. Maybe I should read my comments a bit more often. Or maybe I should just get around to posting a review of the concert.

Write a review of the concert, you shit.
Methinks Google must've updated it's index. Ian's concert review for "jack johnson royal theatre" is number 7.
Just imagine If you'r written that review...
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