Friday, May 27, 2005


May Concerts Part I

Hmmm. Not happy Jan. That's the third or fourth time that the Internet has decided to eat my concert review post. This time Firefox decided to die on me.

So I'll try a slightly different approach. I'll try breaking it up into smaller posts. So first off we'll do Tori Amos.

I'd never been to the Opera House before, let alone actually seen a performance there, so I was really looking forward to the night. We picked up our tickets with no dramas, and found where we were meant to be. Turned out they were selling "programs", so I grabbed one. It was expensive - $25 - but I figured if I didn't I'd probably regret it. It made me feel better when I found there weren't any good t-shirts.

As it turned out, Row U was a lot closer to the stage than I thought. Apparently rows A to D were actually under the stage, and the slop upwards of the seats started about 5 rows ahead of us. So in other words we had a really fantastic view of the stage. The support act was the guy from George, Tyrone Noonan. Richard's comment was "the untalented singer from George". He was bad, but nothing special. He only played for about half an hour, which was good.

Tori Amos took the stage and everyone when nuts. About every second song was off her new album The Beekeeper (which I hadn't heard), but she played a good selection from Little Earthquakes and Scarlet's Walk. She had three pianos on stage with her - well, piano, organ and keyboard - and sometimes she'd jump between two of them in one song. A couple of times she even played two at once.

Amos did what she called "Tori's Piano Bar", which consisted of two covers - Suzanne by Leonard Cohen and Starry Starry Night by Don McLean. Both were fantastic. Among my favorites she play were A Sorta Fairytale, China and Amber Waves. I was hoping she would play Winter, but it turns out that she was saving that for Perth the next night.

SO yeah, excellent concert, fantastic venue.

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