Monday, June 27, 2005


The Lion King

A little while ago Karina and I decided to go and see the Lion King. Since we'd left it so late, we discovered that it's actually about to finish in Sydney. So we managed to get tickets to the second last performance on Saturday night.

We used wotif to find some accommodation, and ended up staying at the Quest apartments, complete with underground parking. As it turned out, it was about a 10min walk from the theatre through China Town. Basically we couldn't have stayed any closer.

We had dinner at some random Chinese restaurant (which is the way to go I've discovered) - the two person banquet was lots of tasty food, complete with lychees and icecream. We arrived at the theatre and grabbed our seats in perfect time. The performance was fantastic - the woman playing Rafiki the baboon shaman stole the show (although she didn't blast anyone with her elemental magic). The Circle of Life (which was my favourite bit from the movie) opening sequence was amazing - Karina's comment was that it was so good it almost ruined the rest of the show. The sets and costumes were superb - I loved how they did the stampede.

After the show we wondered back to our room, and didn't get up until just before we were meant to check out. We had breakfast at a random cafe on the harbour, and then had an easy drive home. Overall, a fantastic trip. I'd seriously recommend the Lion King if you haven't already see it - it starts in Melbourne in a few weeks...

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