Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Well, There Goes Myth Busters

Flipping through the channels tonight, I found Beyond Tomorrow on channel Seven. It's basically a new version of Beyond 2000. Two of the three stories I saw were pretty interesting and reasonably well presented. The first was about a "3D printer" and the third was about a cheetah fertility program. The middle story was a bit lame - it was able a self-cooling beer can - but that had more to do with the presenter than the idea.

Then it happened. They showed these amazing guys who take the time to test out all the urban myths we hear so often! I thought that maybe they were going to do an interview with the Myth Busters, and maybe talk about some of the cool things they've done. But no. Instead, they showed a seriously cut down version of one myth (the mobile exploding a petrol pump one), and pretended that Jamie and Adam were basically just part of the Beyond 2000 team.

So after jamming something that originally took 20-30 minutes into about 5, they told us we could see the "crazy Myth Busters" next week on Beyond Tomorrow. Naturally they didn't mention that we could see the full version on SBS.

The most obvious reason is that channel Seven has discovered this show that seems to be popular, and is planning to snatch up the rights, but they aren't sure if it will work. But really channel Seven, was it that hard to find an original story? Of course, what's probably going to happen is they buy the rights to the show, cut it down, jerk it around a bit and then axe it because they've got a Blue Healers special to play.

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