Friday, July 15, 2005


Friday Afternoon Quiz

I just got a call from a friend of mine. He was at a work lunch, and apparently there was a quiz. So he decided to cheat by ringing me. He needed to know two albums based on their covers (I'm assuming with the text removed...). See if you can guess what there were from the descriptions I got (Googling is allowed, unless you work for them now).

Number 1:
Clue One: "What's the R.E.M. album that's kind of yellow?"

Clue Two: "Actually, it may not even be R.E.M"

Clue Three: "It's yellow box, with a kind of ribbon underneath it, and kind of orange background"

Clue Four: "Yeah, it's like a sign. Kind of like a street sign"

My Guess

Number 2:
Clue One: "What's the Blondie album with them all in black and white?"

Clue Two: "No, it's not the Greatest Hits"

Clue Three: "It's got the guys in all black suits"

Clue Four: "And the girl in a white dress"

My Guess

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