Thursday, July 14, 2005


I *Heart* World of Warcraft

Ah, World of Warcraft. It makes my little gamer's heart fill with joy. I was running around with my Hunter last night, doing some quests, killing some monsters and generally having fun. My pet bear and I seemed to be able to deal with most things we ran into (well, one on one anyway), although having Windows periodically minimize the game to ask if I wanted to restart my computer proved very annoying.

It's kind of strange that my Hunter seems to be the richest of all my characters, even though he was the first one I started playing (so I had the least idea of how to make money), and it's not like he's the highest level character either. Last night I got my first ever gold piece. And, since I finally decided to check out the Auction House, I'm well on my way to my second.

Oh, and speaking of gamers, this is funny.

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