Monday, July 04, 2005


Thanks For Asking

I had a great weekend, except for the fact I didn't get to play any WoW. We've been working our way through all seven seasons of Buffy (since I love the series and Karina hasn't seen it). Friday night we watched the last two episodes of Season Two, which are probably the best two episodes up to that point.

Saturday night I had some friends over for an evening of pretending to be other people. Kung-fu demi-gods to be exact. It's a game called Exatled - one of those "strange roleplaying games with the weird dice". I had a bit of a George Costanza moment when someone said it was the most fun he'd had playing Exalted for ages - why weren't the other sessions fun? What was wrong with them? But then got over it when we started playing Starfares of Catan. It included these large rocket ship things called motherships that you could clip guns and thrusters to, and had to "roll" at various times. The game ended up lasting until about 1:30am. It was lots of fun - I was coming last for quite a while, but in the last little bit managed to fight my way to second place.

On Sunday we bought a buffet, and came very close to buying a coffee table and side tables. We found a nice set on sale, but unfortunately they only had one side table. We were pretty sure we'd seen the same design somewhere else, so the nice woman in the shop let us steal the side table, take it to the other shop and compare (they didn't match).

In the evening I discovered that I actually can't write a C++ app yet, especially without a book (this is something I feel I need to correct). Then a friend came over who'd been away for a few months. She'd forgotten to bring the CD of her photos, but randomly had the memory card. So I got to impress everyone by hooking my new camera up to the TV.

So yeah, I had a great weekend. How was yours?

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