Wednesday, July 27, 2005


WoWing Conversations

In the spirit of the last post, I thought I'd chuck this up as well. A mate and I were talking about setting up a guild on World of Warcraft. We quickly came to the conclusion that we didn't know enough people we could rope in (you need nine people to set up a guild).

Will: The problem is, there isn't anyone else. I think your going to have to make some random internet friends Simon.

Me: Hey, why do I have to deal with the scary Internet people?

Will: Because you are so much nicer to them than I would be. Plus, you know l337 speak better than I do, so you can communicate with them. If I had to do it, it would be like talking to a French or Spanish native who didn't speak english!

Me: It wouldn't go well. I can just see it now:

Will Whispers: There's one. That gnome with the fish and the giant shoulder pads.
You Whisper to Will: Hang on, I'll check his stats
Jullian Level 57 Gnome Warrior. 1 characters in group
You Whisper to Will: Looks good. Okay, here goes...
You Yell: EXCUSe M3, U J01n 0ur g1uld!!1!
Will Whispers: Good job man. Has he said anything?
You Whisper to Will: No, not yet. Hey, he's leaving
You Yell: joIN oue guild!!11 W3 *heart* gn0me5 & r 7otz fun
Will Whispers: He's still going. What's happening?
You Whisper to Will: Don't worry, I know what to do
You Yell: gN0mer,wh3r3 r u g01ng? ojin GUIld oar u r gay
You Whisper to Will: There, see, he stopped
Will Whispers: Good work man...
Jullian makes a rude gesture at Simon
Jullian picks his noise at Will
Jullian points at Simon
Jullian laughs heartily at Simon
Jullian challenges Simon to a duel
Will has logged off
You Say: ...
You have died

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