Monday, August 01, 2005


Cosonic Headphones?

On Saturday a friend "dragged" me to the computer fair. Of course, so he didn't feel bad about "having" to spend money, I had to buy something.

I picked up a digital tuner card (which I'll talk about in another post), and some headphones. I've been thinking about getting some headphones for work, and I figured I couldn't go past a pair of wireless ones for $28. I figured they're probably crap, but for $28, who cares.

Turns out, they are a bit crap.

When I first turned them on, I had some woman talking to me in Chinese. I guessed it was a friendly thankyou message from the good people at "Cosonic", but then I realised I was just picking up SBS radio.

The headphones themselves, apart from being a little uncomfortable (I think I need to change the shape of my head), actually have a pretty good FM radio in them. I can get a really clear sound. Unfortunately, the FM transmitter seems a bit shit. I borrowed Lindsay's Belkin transmitter (which she uses for her iPod), and it works better. I suspect part of the problem is I was getting interference when I used the Cosonic transmitter.

I just went for a walk to the printer (over the other side of the floor for anyone who don't work with me), and the signal only just started to break up right at the printer. I was thinking about going to the toilet with them on, but I don't think I really need to test them that much :-)

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