Friday, August 12, 2005


Dragon Photo

This story made me smile for a few different reasons. First off, because I love the idea of cyptozoology. There have been many "mythical" creatures that have turned out to be real - the Giant Pandas are a good example. And I love learning about the "mythical creatures" that result from people first seeing an animal and then later trying to describe it - like unicorns and mermaids. How cool would it be if it turned out that dragons were actually a rare species of flying snake or something that were still in existance today.

The second reason this story made me smile was just the sense of wonder I got from reading it. I don't actually think it's a photo of a dragon, but it's still a pretty cool image. I think the comment

“No wonder that China is the homeland of the dragon! Nature is truly mysterious and powerful, it can always produce spectacular sights beyond people's expectations.”

pretty much sums up what I mean.

I am really into the idea of creatures... pixies, fairies, imps, mermaids, chimeras, etc... as well as Nessy and other stuff. Cool post.

That would be pretty awesome if dragons were real. Bet things would be really different if they get proved. Got to say that cryptozoology has some crackpots spouting opinions and wishs as facts sometimes though.
Blah blah blah. Pass the Dutchy on the left hand side. Blah.
Looks like the cloud was dispersed by propwash from the plane.

I haven't been so amused since Spring Break and the great wet boxer contest!
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