Monday, August 15, 2005


Large Powertools

We're getting some paving done in a few weeks. Before it can happen, we had to move the clothes line and rip up some of the cement. So yesterday I grabbed a jack hammer from Magnet Mart, and got smashing. Since I have a digital camera, so don't have to worry about wasting film, I grabbed some photos!

This is what it looked like on Saturday morning. The big blue box has the very exciting jackhammer inside...

There's a very cool feeling that comes from wielding something that looks like it came out of Unreal or Quake

Halfway through. My arms aren't too bad yet, but I haven't even started moving the rubble yet...

This was taken this morning. We took a trailer load of rubble to the tip late yesterday, and pulled the clothesline out.

My hands are still a bit sore, and I just have to pretend I'm holding a jackhammer for my arms to scream at me. At least it's all done!

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