Thursday, August 11, 2005


My Trip

I guess it's time for a bit more info on my trip. Since I've been dealing with people in different time zones, I've been doing email stuff before bed and as soon as I get up. So while stuff has actually progressed quite quickly, it seems like I've been doing this for ages.

The current plan is to fly out Thursday or Friday next week, and arrive in Holland on the Saturday - Mikal's advice (which I agree with) is that I really want at least a day to sleep if need be. Three days on site, then a night to myself in Amsterdam and then I fly to London on the Friday. Turns out it's a long weekend in the UK, so I get three days to recover more and look around, and then I go visiting on the Tuesday and Wednesday.

After that, it's across the Atlantic to Washington DC. I've got the Friday and the weekend to look around, then I'm visiting again on the Monday and Tuesday. Then it's back to LAX and a 22 hour flight back to Sydney,

I should get home very tired on Friday or Saturday.


Edit: The flying time from LAX to Sydney is actually only about 14 and a half hours. I was remembering the departure time - 2230.

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