Monday, August 08, 2005


My Weekend - Part 3

Saturday night we went to a 104th birthday party. A couple of my friends and two of their friends had decided to combine parties. It was at a bar called 3 Degrees on Northbourne Ave. Nice place, but not quite the sort of bar I prefer - it was more one of those bars that's pretending to be a club (my thinking goes that if I wanted to be blasted with dance music, I'd go to a club).

I had a chance to catch up with a chunk of my mates who I haven't seen for ages, so that was really good. For some reason we thought there would be food provided, so we didn't eat before we went. The plan had been to meet up with one of Karina's friends so we could meet her new boyfriend, but she canceled. So by about 9pm we were getting really hungry, and headed into Civic.

We were going to go to the Pancake parlour, but decided to go to the Japanese restaurant a couple of doors up (since we hadn't had Japanese for ages). We were a bit surprised to find the menus claimed a minimum $30 per person charge, but the waitress assured us that that didn't matter. Which was lucky, because we weren't quite sure how we'd manage to get to $60.

Then we decided since we hadn't been out for dinner just us for a while, we'd splurge a bit. The food was fantastic, and by the end we were very full. And a bit amused when we realised the bill was $63...

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