Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Guess Who's Back...

Well okay, so I'm sure it's actually not hard to guess that I'm back home. I got to see Washington in a few different ways - during the day, at night, drunk... Everyone in the office was really cool. And I picked up a few useless toys that I'll probably post about later.

Turns out American Airlines are the worst people I've flown with. It was still an okay flight, but it just had this general feeling of "yuck". The flight from LA to Sydney wasn't full, which meant me and the guy on the other side had the entire middle isle to ourselves. Lots of room is very nice. I managed to get an earlier flight back from Sydney (that I just made). The guy at the ticket desk was very sorry that there were only centre seats left, but whoever was meant to have the window seat next to me didn't show up.

I decided I didn't want to lug my main bag through the airports so I checked it through. The cable tie I had on the zip was gone when the bag appeared at Sydney. Inside was a nice note from the US Airport Security people saying they'd checked my dirty undies and socks for bombs. I assume since I got my bag back they didn't find anything. I was a little concerned that something might have been missing (or added!), but it seems all that happened was they burst one of the boxes of Hagel I'd packed.

At LAX I decided to get rid of the last of my US money by buying a book (since I only had a few pages left of my other book). With the sales tax I was 11 cents short. So the guy at the desk pulled out a jar of pennies and counted out the difference from that. It was pretty nice. I got Smoke and Mirrors by Niel Gaiman if anyone was wondering. And it's quite goood.

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