Friday, September 02, 2005


London: People, Places and Awesomeness

I've always had a fascination for London. Lindsay made the comment to me that no matter how long she spends in London, she always finds herself wishing for a few more days, and that sounds about right to me. To get to London from Wokingham (where I was staying in a cupboard - more on that later) each day took me more than an hour on the train and cost more than $30 a day (which took care of all my transport), but I was still happy to do it three days in a row.

Speaking of Lindsay, she said a little while ago that friends are like pokemon - you've got to collect them all. Well, friends are also like pokemon in that you never know when you're going to find a new one. During my first London Walk around Westminster I got talking to an American girl who'd been living in London for the past few months. She was heading home on Wednesday, and so was trying to fit in all the tourist things she'd hadn't gotten to yet. We just kind of clicked, and ended up hanging out together for the most of the long weekend - we did the London Walks together, and on Monday went through the National Gallery and the portrait Gallery. It was really cool meeting someone totally new who was so much fun to hang out with (not to mention how nice it was to move around with someone who knew their way around London). The only downside was it was only for three days.

A city like London is full of so much history that it's really hard to go anywhere that doesn't have a story behind it. I had lunch at a pub Carl Marx used to drink at. We had a beer at a pub next to an alleyway down which Captain Kidd was drowned. I walked the same paths as kings, queens, movie stars, heroes and villains.

I did so much cool stuff. I just wish I had a few more days...

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