Friday, September 02, 2005



These ducks are German. I didn't mention the war.

I found a series of really cool bridges in Dusseldorf while I was wondering around on my first day.

The bridges got more and more ornate, until this fountain on the last bridge.

This was the very tasty snack I had one afternoon in Venlo. Yum.

This is just a random street shot in Wokingham. I really liked the look of all the buildings.

This is the Wokingham town hall.

Outside Westminster Abbey. These are new carvings of 20th century Christian martyrs. Apparently our guide was once asked why Princess Diana wasn't among them.

This was one of the pubs in Wokingham. I've got more photo's to show Chris...

Another pub sign

And another pub sign. This is where I was staying. Well, I was staying in a building to the left.

I went for a walk along the Thames, and found these steps to nowhere. I though it was really strange, until the tide went out

This is my favorite photo.

I knew it! I knew they were building a death star... Great photos! almost as good as being there... (note use of almost...)
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