Thursday, October 20, 2005


My Shoulder

Yesterday my left shoulder and neck were really sore. So sore that I put the call out for some neurofen or something similar at around 10am (half was for the pain, and half was because I thought I'd make if worse by unconsciously not moving).

I spent a while pondering why my shoulder would suddenly start hurting. I wondered if it was because of the way I was sitting on the couch watching Buffy the night before. I wondered if it was because I'd been cracking my shoulder. I wondered if it was how I slept the night before. I wondered if it was RSI or something similar.

I decided to play some UT 2004 just before bed last night, and that's when I realised what my problem was. As I was frantically trying to avoid being shot while turning my opponent into a pile of goo, I realised I was clenching my entire body, especially my left arm. And I kept doing it, whenever I needed to do something quickly. It's obviously been way too long since I played any fast-paced FPS.

My shoulder feels a lot better today, by the way.

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