Thursday, October 20, 2005


My Weekend

But seriously, I have been a but slack with my blogging. So I'll answer the question that's been on everyone's lips - what have I been up to lately?

A friend is getting married soon, so he decided to have his bucks night on Saturday. He wanted something fairly small and quiet - there were only six of us, we weren't going out anywhere, and no-one was coming to "visit".

Since we're all such nerds, I offered to host a LAN-fest in the afternoon. Thanks to some friendly network support people, we all got LCD monitors (which made the setup that much easier - no one had to lug around a CRT). It had been so long since I'd played any network games (except of course for WoW, but that doesn't really count), I'd forgotten how much fun it can be spending a few hours shoot your mates to bits with high powered weapons.

The bucks party itself was pretty fun. It was really more an evening of hanging out with the boys, which is something we hadn't actually done for ages. The only difference was that there was more porn stuck on the walls (the one "bucks night" thing they did was stick pages of various magazines all around the house). It's funny how quickly you get used to anything - after a few hours you didn't even notice the pair of breasts inside the fridge when you grabbed another drink.

On Sunday the guys from the night before all rocked up at various points to pick up their machines (they'd left them at my place when we'd headed off for the party). Unfortunately, the buck's car decided to die and dumped most of it's oil. He ended up having to get it towed to Phillip. Just want he needed a couple of weeks before his wedding.

So yeah. That's what I've been doing.

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