Monday, December 12, 2005


I Love My Nana

I got a chance to wow some of my older relatives this weekend at my sister's wedding. I took a chunk of photos at the ceremony with my wonderful digital camera, and then ducked out and got prints of the better shots before the reception. It's a great idea by the way - it takes maybe 20mins to get digital photos printed on a Saturday afternoon, it's surprisingly cheap, and everyone (especially the bride and groom) love seeing how things look.

My Nana was particularly impressed by my feat, and asked me if it would be possible for her to get copies of some of the prints. So I invited her to come with me one lunchtime to the photo place - that way she could pick the photos she wanted and get them pretty much straight away. This idea was pretty exciting to her.

This morning she rang me to see what time would be good. While we were talking, she asked if it would be possible to get some of the photos put "onto a disc" so she could watch them on TV (she'd been given a DVD of some photos a little while ago, and had been all over that idea). She couldn't quite believe it when I told her that it was really simple and that I could do that for her right now.

She offered to pay for the DVD, until I told her it would cost me about 80 cents. Then she offered to pay me for my time, until I explained that it would take me maybe 30 seconds and three clicks of the mouse.

"You can really do all that?" she asked me.

I love technology, but to an extent I just kind of expect the awesome stuff it can do. It's very cool talking to someone who still has that child-like sense of wonder about it all. It's even cooler when that person was around for World War II.

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