Thursday, January 05, 2006


Hackathon: 6pm

Coffee: 3

I started to write this at about 4pm, which was roughly 24hours. But I got distracted, so I did another two hours work instead. My dinner should be arriving fresh from the coast in about an hour or so, so that will probably be a good place to stop.

This has actually been a lot of fun. I'm really glad I did it. It's been quite a while since I've done an all nighter, and even long since it was for something other than a drunken night out. I desperately need to listen to some different music - Pandora repeated herself *a lot* during the night, and it turns out that my iTunes collection at home is quite borked - I'm missing most of my music, but I seem to have two or three copies of pretty much every song that is on this computer. And apparently I'm not able to walk downstairs and get any of my CDs.

I've been pleased with my effort. Despite coming very close a few hours ago, I haven't had to throw everything out and start again. While I haven't written anything very amazing, I was able to get the parts I'd planned carefully in my head working the way I wanted. I think with a few weeks of effort, I might be able to turn this into some almost reasonable.

I think I'll sleep well tonight.

Where ever it is you work, I hope they appreciate your creative (slightly eccentric) genious.

You could start your agents off with directions worked out in an initial planning stage to set the proposed path in order to acheive the objective, at least to get them started, of course if they run into guards the plan has to improvised but that's part of the fun.

Also, it would be cool if the maps used for planning were out of date to the actual target. "There's supposed to be a door here."

Good luck :-p
That's actually a pretty good idea - everyone has a set path they move along, and only change if they encounter something.

And I love the out of date map thing...
Actually, thinking about it more, you could have one mission that was to retrieve the floorplans for the next mission...
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