Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Hackfest: 11pm

Coffee: 1

7 hours in, and I'm still at it. I'd post some screen shots, but they didn't come out too well, and I can't really be bothered spending the time to make them look nice. Maybe later.

So I guess the obvious question is "what am I writing?". I've had a few different ideas bouncing around my head lately, but in the end I settled on something that I mostly stole from the brilliant people at Introversion. The idea is to make the player the guy in movies like Mission: Impossible who guides his team through a mission from the safety of the hi-tech van parked outside. You've got access to floor plans, can hack into the security cameras, and can control a host of remote gadgets.

It seemed like something a bit different, so it might be fun to play.

So far I've written code to read in details of a floorplan from a text file and display it for the player. The thing I like about my design at the moment is that the floor plan can be as complex or as simple as I want, it doesn't make a difference to the code. It also means that's it's pretty simple to have multiple maps ("mission"). I've also got little flashing blips happening to represents guards and members of the player's team.

Since a "room" is represented as just a series of points (so you can have strange shaped rooms), I've had an interesting time coming up with a way to determine if where a person is moving is actually inside their current room or not. It's an easy problem to deal with for a simple, four sided room, but I think I'll need to think a bit about how to deal with more complex rooms.

Oh, and for some reason a couple of hours ago Pandora decided to play Delta Goodrem for me.

How about having an offscreen bitmap, colouring the each polygon which is a room with a different color, and then checking if the player would change the color of the pixel they are "on" if their move is allowed?
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