Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Hackfest: The Beginning

Coffee: 0

Partly inspired by Gordon's idea/discovery of the hackfest (which I'm too lazy to bother digging up a link too), and partly by the National Writing Month, I decided to go on a bit of a creative bender. The rules are simple - I've shut myself in my study, armed with only my computer and the Internet, and we'll see what I come out with in 24 hours.

So why am I doing this? Well, there are a few reasons. The first is, I thought it sounded like a fun idea. Second, I'm curious how much I'll be able to do in 24 hours. And, of course, I'm interested to see how long I can last - it's probably not the best way to start 24 hours of coding at 4pm after driving up from the coast, but that's the time I've got!

I'm planning on doing blog updates every 4 or 6 hours, so I guess I'll post again around dinner time!

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