Thursday, January 12, 2006


Harris Tech: Not The Best Way to Run a Business

I decided to get myself a new keyboard and mouse yesterday. While this was certainly tempting, in the end I settled on this. It's not my model of choice - I'm really happy with the one I'm using at work, but I have used the X-700, and it's fairly nice.

Since Harris Tech were having a special to get rid of their stock, I decided I'd get one through them. I went through the whole online order procedure, and everything was looking good. About 15mins later I got a phone call from Harris Tech's customer support telling me that no payment details had been recorded - somewhere along the way apparently they online order system decided to just ignore my credit card details.

No big drama - I decided that I could just go and pick the keyboard up, and pay for it then (saving myself $13 delivery). This morning I rocked up to Harris Tech in Fyshwick, only to be confronted by confusion. Somehow they'd either misplaced my keyboard, or sold it to someone else. But not to worry, since they had some in Sydney that they could ship down.

Although I have to wait an extra day, they'll deliver it to me for free. Fair enough.

As I was leaving, I made the comment that I hadn't paid yet. The store guy was very grateful, because he'd just assumed that it had been all paid for already. I could have quiet easily walked away with a free keyboard and mouse, which Harris Tech delivered to me, all for free, with the Harris Tech people thinking I'd been a very nice and understanding customer...

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