Monday, January 09, 2006


Work: Ahhhh!

My first day back, and I'm quietly going nuts. It's not because I still need to be on holidays. It's not because I've forgotten everything I'm meant to be doing. It's much simpler then that.

I'm pretty sure it's because I can't listen to any music. Let me explain.

Most sets of headphones tend to hurt ears after a short while (not as in "the music is too loud", but as in "my ears don't bend that way!"), so I tend to just use the little earplug things that almost everyone seems to detest. Unfortunately, if I plug them into my computer, I have to virtually sit under the desk to have them in my ears since the cord is so short. To deal with this, I picked up a longer cord. Unfortunately, I decided to take it home of my holidays, and forgot to bring it back.

So no music for me until tomorrow. Crap.

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