Friday, February 03, 2006


Work: My Almost Freakout

I figured I should probably do a bit of a follow-up post to Wednesday's brief effort. The short version is I think it was a combination of my brain needing it's yearly re-boot and too much coffee.

The long version is that all week I'd been feeling worse and worse. I haven't been anywhere near as productive as I've needed to be lately (there are excuses I could make, but excuses don't really count for much). I've got at least three projects on my plate at the moment - none of which I want to give up - and a selection of other stuff various people want me to do. During the first half of this week, I managed to spend a massively long time and a massive amount of effort achieving absolutely nothing. Build problems, computer crashes, environment changes, random "can you do this now" stuff, etc. Normally I can cope with this sort of stuff - I'm not typically someone who gets stressed very much. But not this week.

Wednesday was the peak. I just wanted to throw my hands up, scream, and run out of the place. And I felt like that for most of the day. It was my first example of what should have been a mental health day.

Fortunately I realised that I was not in a good place. I had a nice relaxing Wednesday night, had a good chat to a few people, sorted a few things out in my head and had a good night's sleep. Yesterday I felt much better - I managed to get a good chunk of something done, I asked for a laptop to help me deal with some of my other work and didn't have any coffee. And today was even better.

So yeah, hopefully I've got that out of the way now for this year...

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