Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Scouts: Zone 3

Last night I took the scouts to Zone 3. For anyone who doesn't know, Zone 3 is a laser-tag game - basically you strap some sensors to yourself, and go and try to shoot the people on the other teams lots. It's lots of fun, and I did reasonably well.

"Sure" I can hear you say, "the big man was able to out shoot a bunch of 10-15 year olds. How impressive". But I used to play a lot when I was 15, and I was much better then than I am now. And there were two other "grownups" playing...

Anyway. Here are my score sheets if you're interested:

I bought the full version
of the City of Heroes game
and it didn't come with the
Serial code for some reason,
the shop doen't allow refunds
for games and I don't know
what to do!
I you have any information that
might interest me please e-mail
me at
Thank you for your time.
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