Monday, March 06, 2006


Work: Going Dark(ish)

Gordon accused me today of maybe going dark. Well, kind of darkish anyway. Maybe a bit gloomy. A bit shadowy. A bit dim (hmmm, I think I like "shadowy" better than "dim"). And it's a fair enough comment - I haven't checked in any code ice code for a while now. There are excuses - I've also been working on the TCT (and I have been checking in code there) and I haven't wanted to ruin the template generator In case someone else needs it before I get my version into a usable state. But still.

This morning I left Gordon with lots of promises about how I was done with the TCT for the time being, and how I'd be putting my full attention to the template generator. Then pretty much as soon as he left, I get an email asking for an urgent TCT enhancement.

So that's what I did today: added a new feature to the TCT. Sorry Gordo - tomorrow I promise.

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