Saturday, April 22, 2006


Work Phone Spam

So being the only on in the office on a Saturday isn't all bad. I'm free to talk to myself AS LOUD AS I WANT, and I'm not going to get any strange looks. I don't have to be worried that someone important's going to ask why I was printing a pretty picture on the marketing printer ("because it looks cool?"). And I got to answer the phone just a moment ago...

She sounded like she had either just woken up, was very drunk, or both. I managed to work out that she *thought* someone had rung her from here, and so was trying to return the call. Of course, she wasn't really listening to me:
"mmm? TOWER Software? Yeah, I've seen you advertised on TV. TOWER software. TOWER computers. Dell Computers. I don't need a Dell computer yet thanks. But I call you when I do. Okay?"

"Um, okay. Bye!"
It was like that blog spam ("This is a great blog! I was looking for something about [insert blog title] to help me with my website! Check it out!"), but over the phone! Awesome!

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