Monday, May 08, 2006



My cold over the last few days reminded me of the last cold I had. Last year a friend and I had managed to score tickets to the Tori Amos concert on the Saturday night, and then a Nick Cave concert on the Sunday night, both up in Sydney. My friend's girlfriend's grandmother lived a short bus trip from the concerts, and so luckily we were allowed to crash there.

I was pretty much over my cold, but really didn't want it to interfere with me finally getting to see Tori Amos in concert. So I had with me some cold & flu tablets - good old pseudoephedrine. So on Saturday, we got ourselves ready and were about to head off to the bus. I quickly ducked back into my room to grab a couple of tablets - I figured I'd just take them if I needed them. As I came back to where everyone else was, the grandmother looked up in time to see me carefully pushing a blisterpack with two white, unmarked tablets into my pocket

"What are those?"

Much hand waving and rapid explanations ensured as I desperately tried to convince the nice old lady that I wasn't planning on getting high.

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