Thursday, June 15, 2006



Growing up in Canberra, I seem to remember lots of mornings of amazingly thick fog that would hang around for ages. But I hadn't really seen those sort of super foggy mornings for years. It wasn't like I haven't seen fog - or even really thick fog. It's just that it's seems the fog has always thinned out or burnt away quite early.

I suspected that maybe it was just because I used to get up a lot earlier - so the fog seemed to be around a lot longer. Or maybe it was just my memories that had gotten foggy. But then we had this week.

I took these photos at about 7:30am. By the time I was driving to work at around 9:30am, if anything the fog was even thicker. And I think every morning this week has been like this.

One of the cool things about fog is that it can be completely localized. Obviously this morning the fog bank couldn't work out how to cross the road - it ran pretty much straight up to the Barton Highway and just stopped.

I like fog, and so I just thought I'd share.

The lack of fogs in recent years has been due to the drought. No moisture in the air -> no fog.

We've had a bit of rain recently, so we're starting to see fogs again.
I think it depends a lot on where you live too. In your parents place, you were fairly close to the lake and didn't have much elevation. I think you're a bit higher now, and whatever bodies of water are around where you are, they're nowhere near as big. In my parents place, I can remember when we crested a nearby hill on what seemed a sunny morning, and saw the thick fog in the low areas in other parts of the valley.
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