Monday, July 03, 2006


New (Work) Laptop

I finally got my hands on my new work machine last Thursday. It's a Sony Vaio Z28GP, and it is dead sexy.

The finger print reader is less lame than I had expected - I'd assumed it would be the first thing I disabled. Turns out it's just an alternative to hitting ctrl-alt-delete and typing in your password. Which is nifty.

The web cam is as useless as I'd imagined. Aside from the Vaio screensaver, I haven't bothered using it at all.

I'm curious why pretty much all laptops come with a partitioned drive now - in this case a 30gig C and 60gig D. It really doesn't make sense to me - they made the C partition the smallest, even though that's where the Program Files AND Documents and Settings are. So if I used it the way Microsoft wants me to use a PC (keeping everything in my user directory), I'd run out of space in about a week (my music alone takes up 11gig).

I also found myself wishing, just for once, for a PC that didn't treat me like a n00b. Yes, I know what's in the Windows directory is a bit scary, but I'm not just going to randomly delete files. I understand why MS do it and it's not hard to deal with all those annoying bits (as a friend said, if you can turn them off, you probably know enough to not need them). But still.

I've had a couple of fun days making it all work the way I like (including turning off the tap-to-click touch pad. I hate that so much!). So now I guess we see how it goes as a dev machine!

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