Monday, July 24, 2006


Um, Hi Greg...

Okay, I'll bite.

The latest in my "Where Does Silk Come From?" comments is actually from a real person who posted with their Blogger profile. It's a guy named GregT. What makes Greg interesting (to me anyway) is that he's from Canberra, and taking a look at his blog, it seems like we'd probably have a bit to talk about.

Now I'm desperately trying to work out if Greg's someone I've met before and have forgotten about, or if it's all just a random coincidence.

Excellent! An entire post about me! Clearly I'm becoming a celebrity!

No, I don't -think- I've met you before. I saw you through the Australian Index, went to check that you weren't someone I knew, decided you weren't, but was amused by your silk post.

Cheers for the publicity!
No!! Don't encourage him, you'll only make it worse. It's like feeding Gremlins after midnight.
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