Thursday, August 17, 2006


Late Night TV Is *Really* Strange

Last night I was bumming around surfing the web while watching TV. I was chatting to some friends in the US while watching Dead Man (which was quite cool). It finished at about 12am, so I just channel surfed for background noise.

Eventually I discovered that there seems to be late night quiz shows on. But not your good, mentally stimulating quiz shows. The one I was watching had people ringing up trying to guess body parts. See, there was this list of body parts, and each one was worth a certain amount of money right. It was a bit specific - things like "fingers" and "toes". If you rang up and guessed one of these body parts, you'd win that amount of money. And sometimes they'd give you clues. Cool?

Oh my god.

They had a 4min "speed round" in which none of the callers guessed correctly, so they followed it with another 3min "speed round" that was just as unsuccessful. At least three different people guessed 'ears' and one person guessed 'organs'. There was a period of over 10min when no-one was calling in - the clue was "CH_ _KS", and you'd win at least $150. The host even got down to saying "these are the fleshy area of your face, between your eyes, ears and nose..."

I finally went to bed when someone guessed "Jeans". The clue at the time was the clue was "H_MSTER_NG".

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