Sunday, August 06, 2006


Snag Sandwich?

I spent Saturday morning doing a sausage sizzle to fund raise for my scout troop. One of the kids we had helping us for a while is named Sam. Sam has a very precise way to speaking - although he's not English, he certainly sounds it. At one point during our massive meat cookup, a conversation happened that I couldn't help smiling at.

"One snag sandwich please mate" asked random guy
"...I'm sorry?" replied a very puzzled Sam
"A snag sandwich."
"...What? Oh! An egg sandwich..." Sam rushes off to put a fried egg on some bread
"No, a snag sandwich..."
"A What?"

It was then that I managed to explain to Sam what a snag was...

EDIT: And for any non-native Australia's reading this, look here.

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