Tuesday, August 22, 2006


TechEd Day 0

Apart from the taxi to the airport not showing up (yay for the automated booking system!), our trip up to Sydney went pretty well. We got an upgrade on our apartment and it's only a short walk over to the conference.

After checking in and dumping our bags, we wondered over to register. That all went reasonably well, especially since we hadn't been sent our id barcodes. The welcome party was fun - we spent the evening checking out the booths and enjoying the free food. Tong turned out the be the king at getting swag.

My highlights included being very awful at Project Gotham Racing and getting entered in the Macquarie University booth competition just by walking past.

I think the Taxis run off a bidding system anyway; so all the system does it let the drivers know that there's a fare from this location to this location who would like to be picked up at this time. It's up to the drivers to indicate if they'd like to pick you up or not. That's why they're always fiddling around with that beeping box when they're driving; they're trying to arrange their next trip; hopefully from a place nearby to where they're dropping someone off. And if they all feel that your place is too far out for too small a fare, then you're SOOL.
Which kinda sucks if you're trying to make it to the airport. It happened several times to my Dads' workmates; he's had to drop everything at work a few times to give the commissioner an emergency lift.
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