Monday, September 11, 2006


Carparks and Plants

Since Mikal left TOWER, the view out my window at work has changed quite a lot. What used to be a small carpark surrounded by grass and trees and next to a big hole in the ground has become a much larger carpark (that fits fewer cars), surrounded by concrete and a nearly finished apartment block. So I figured I'd blog some photos so he could really see the difference.

I've also adopted a few plants when their owners left, so since I had my camera, I figured I'd give a quick update on each of them.

This was Gordon's ficus. It was a little sad about Gordon leaving, and some of its leaves started dying. Then I remember to water it more regularly, and now it's doing very well. It loves it's new position by the window, since it gets direct sun for a few hours every morning.

This is Mikal's tentacle plant. While it's not spreading out across the cube walls any more, it could still reach from one side of the room to the other. Also, if you look closely, one of the leaves has a face drawn on it.

Big Headed Simon had a few very nice plants that I was hoping to score when he left. Unfortunately he took most of them with him, but he did leave me this peace lilly. While it's not flowering at the moment (unlike my other peace lilly), it is throwing out a whole lot of new leaves. It looks a little bit unwell in this photo, but that's only because it hasn't had a drink since Friday.

How can a new multistory carpark fit fewer cars? Oh, and say hi to the tenticle plant for me.
Yay for Ficus Minimus - Without BHS to water him, he wasn't doing too well under my care - glad to see he's found a worthy owner!

And didn't Mikal christen the tentacle plant 'Planty'? So quickly we forget...
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