Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hey! I Did a Fun Run!

On Sunday I did the Canberra Times Fun Run. I'd been wanting to do a proper run for a while, so when some people at work decided to put together a team, I put my hand up.

I'm really bad with stuff like regular exercise. I really need a short term goal to work towards. So something like a 10km run in 5 weeks time was pretty perfect. In the end I didn't do anywhere near enough training for it, but I did get to the gym at least twice a week. I never did manage to do a 10km practice run, so I was pretty uncertain how I'd go on the day.

The run itself was lots of fun. I managed to keep a good pace until about the 5km mark. Then my shoelace came untied and my number fell off (which are both really nice excuses for stopping...). I walked for about 2km, and then ran from the 7km point. The last 3km were fantastic, and I think I ran the last km faster then I've ever run a km before.

My final time was 1:04:59. And I'm keen for more!

WooHoo runners high! Welcome to the first step of becoming a distance running fanatic. (Although, according to Dean and I the next step is involves establishing a first-name basis relationship with an orthopedic doctor...)
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